Emerging Systems X: Transparency

Wikileaks has opened a jar of essences that had been there for a long time, but either no one had noticed it or no one had managed to open it.

The fact is that the U.S. Government has tried to close it by force, and not only has it not succeeded, but it is about to break it and spread its indelible scent around the world.

Against Wikileaks transparency. Obviously, transparency can never be absolute because it would end in exibitionism and dementia.

Transparency is a counter-attack, if you want to see it that way, against the Change we are living, it is about fighting change with its own weapons. It is the best solution.

Transparency makes us aware of our secrets, and our secrets are weaknesses that we must protect with the utmost care.

To be transparent, you have to know where, how and when to tell things, you have to understand social networks, whether they are traditional or new-fangled. We can publish officially, personally, tell them cryptically in 140 characters or filter them and let someone else tell them. If we delegate through leaks, we must take into account the resonance capacity and the desire to crack our interlocutor.

If the US government had been a little transparent with the Wikileaks affair, it would have given us the option of taking the information that came out of it with humor. The problem is that they have lacked the humility to admit that a political leader is also a person, and as such does unethical things and even makes mistakes.

I think there will be many more Wikileaks than this one, because in any company there are always angry people, people willing to tell things with the sole purpose of taking revenge on the one who has pissed them off. A distributed web, a P2P with an Internet address (for example Bittorrent) cannot be taken down just like that because when you cut one you grow ten. It is a guerrilla war and we already know what happened in Vietnam to a powerful army fighting against guerrillas.

Emergent systems come with transparency as standard because there are many interactions, and to interact a lot you have to cross paths with others many more times, and to cross paths with others many times you have to be visible.


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