Cooperative negotiation for networking times

I return to the subject of the negotiation because I believe that this technique determines the outcome of the interactions we have. I mean, being predisposed to collaborate or compete with the person who comes in front of us means, regardless of the outcome of the negotiation, that a good or bad atmosphere is generated.

It is logical to think that if friction occurs at the micro scale, efficiency will be lost at the macro scale. In the same way that collaboration at the micro scale will create a robust macrostructure.

If intelligence moves from the bottom up, if there is no single leader that we all follow. Then it turns out that the power is in the little things, in the small things, in the conversations. Not all conversations have the degree of negotiation, but many of them do. And if we look at the negotiations in terms of I win, you loseIn the end, we are likely to start winning and we are likely to end up losing.

Professional ties are diluted with personal ones,

networks are making more and more interactions every day,

computers record and archive conversations.

Don't be silly, don't look bad because you will meet again.

It is curious that in the era of globalization, in which it seems that everything could be diluted as it happens in big cities, where we could walk around with our underwear on our heads without anyone remembering it the next day. It is curious that in this era we talk about Digital Identity as something fundamental for us. But it is logical because, on the one hand, the volume of information has grown a lot, but on the other hand, the capacity to store and process this information has grown much more. cache Google's software is inexcrutable.


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