Praise for the DualShock

DualShock is the control knob analog of Playstation

I confess that I have been looking for a few days to see what video game controllers there are, I am from the Joystick generation, the video games I liked were played with Joystick.

Now I have children and I want them to learn to play videogames, even if they have a teacher as clumsy as me to get started in the world of videogames. They say that drinking a glass of red wine is good, but no one doubts that drinking a bottle is bad; and I think it's the same with video games.

Video games are as competitive and juicy an industry today as the automobile industry, a mature industry. A video game console is more powerful than a computer, and a video game-oriented computer costs three times as much as a normal one.

Nowadays people play much more games than in the joystick days, more people, more hours and much more demanding videogames than in the old days. arcade I knew. I was surprised by what I found in terms of video game controllers, there are many peripherals such as steering wheels, keyboards, and even musical instruments, but nevertheless there is unanimity in the game controllers. Whether with console or computer, all controllers copy the design of the Sony PlayStation DualShock.

Video games are more demanding of ergonomics and precision than driving a car, or operating a crane. Perhaps we will soon see a controller that has moved out of the entertainment world and into a different one. It is a product so tested and optimized that it has become the standard for video games. Perhaps there could be a place for the DualShock in the imminent electric car.

Entry dedicated to the guys from Wipley.


6 responses to "Praise for the DualShock”

  1. The truth is that the DualShock is very good, but as much of PS3 that I am, the Xbox360 controller gives a thousand laps, and although it is based on the Play, they have managed to make it even more comfortable to handle. Let's see if you come by the WipleyPlex one day and try it out 😉

    P.S: Great entry!

  2. After all, we spend many hours with a device in our hands that allows us to control a console, it is important that it is ergonomic so as not to suffer from pain.

    In the end, to sell technology you have to make it healthy and beautiful, we have already passed the stage where all the "gadgets" are super powerful, in a way this reminds me of Apple.

    1. Andres, ergonomics is also technology, in fact it is much newer than semiconductors and integrated circuits in this case.

  3. Thanks Josek. You know I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject, I was just looking for a joystick and there were remotes with the same shape, size and similar button layout.
    By the way, I've asked the Kings for the Logitech wireless to play games on the iMac; I'm going to try to use it for more things than games, let's see how it goes.

  4. If what is true is that when it came out with the PS2 revolutionized the form of the controls, although on the subject of human-computer interfaces, within the consoles has innovated a lot in recent years.

  5. In other words, controls more and more similar to those of the Play in electric cars such as this one.

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