Snippets of a world in agony

I reproduce an excerpt from Jessica Tornos-Ybes' interview with Miguel Valdivieso, an amateur photographer. Interview published in the magazine Super Digital Photo.

Draw your own conclusions.

- We are aware that nowadays the Internet is a very powerful weapon, something that, in your case, you know how to handle perfectly to make your photographs known on portals and social networks, but what role do you think this tool plays in today's photographer? Can it replace professionalism?

- Technology in recent years has meant, and will mean a change in the creative process and presentation of photographic art. The development of digital technology facilitates the artistic expression of anyone who feels the need to tell something. The Internet and the boom of social networks (Flickr, Facebook, WordPress, Fotologs, etc.) offers everyone a way full of possibilities and facilities to find and follow other like-minded artists, to learn to express themselves and make their work known, share opinions and continue to improve. I believe that today's photographer, both in his artistic and business facet, can not miss this great opportunity.

Regarding the concept of professionalism, I think it depends on how we understand it. If we consider it as an attitude, a way of understanding and approaching the creative process and the production of images, I believe that not only does it not replace it, but it enhances and facilitates it. If it is confined to a simple economic activity, it is clear that this evolution will end up affecting it, however, this change can only be positive insofar as it opens up new avenues of activity.


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