A world governed by cash flow and driven by entropy

There are many clichés that can qualify this convulsive world we live in.

We can go to the causes; it can be said that we live disoriented as we question values that we did not even know were ours. We can see the consequences, an economic crisis of the past, a social crisis of the present and an environmental crisis of the future.

The truth is that it is difficult to understand what are the laws that govern the lawless times. There is only one censor, the cash flow. No matter your net worth, no matter your market, no matter your projection; if the cash flow fails you, you are out.

My contribution is movement. The world has never moved as fast as it is now; crises like the current one have been experienced, and many, but the interconnectedness we enjoy and suffer from precipitates events.

The entropy is change, it is the engine of evolutions and transformations; it can also be seen as disorder. It is very difficult for situations that have been established for years to change, and much more difficult for our prejudices to mutate; but entropy makes it easier. It does not make the change but it does shake up the structures, and makes them move, at last, towards values of minimum energy, towards situations of equilibrium that we did not imagine possible before.

The phrase: Cash flow rules the world is attributed to Angel San Segundo. We have awarded it to both Ramón Gurriaránlike yours truly.


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