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Intel became the absolute king of processors in the early 1990s, in the 486 and Pentium era. Gradually, every computer you saw had a sticker like this one.


So much so that if it didn't have that little sticker on it, you didn't buy it; regardless of whether you had no idea what a microprocessor was, or what Intel Inside meant.

inside GoogleBut the era of gadgets is over. Now we live in the era of programs, we have exchanged hardware for software. Hardware has become a standardized commodity with stable prices and availability (commodity); today Intel is the undoubted king of hardware and has no signs of losing its leadership in the short and medium term. But today, the difference is made in software and not in hardware; just ask Apple or Google, which, without being software companies, have differentiated themselves from the rest by the programs they make.

Today Google is setting software standards, the most striking case is Android, its free operating system, based on Java and oriented to small devices. Android is already the king, only iPhone OS overshadows it, but they are different pieces of the pie, one is free software and the other proprietary (Symbian, despite being more popular, is not massively used for Internet-connected mobiles as Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry or Palm OS are).

Android is a plus when you are going to buy a cell phone, I mean, with equal hardware there is no color between buying an android or opt for Symbiam or Bada (two other free operating systems). Soon it will be the majority, and beware that it does not stop there, because Android is ideal to end up in our refrigerator or our car.
Google has almost ready a Linux distribution called Chrome OS doomed to success. There are many Linux distributions, and not even the most famous one: Ubuntu has managed to have a decent market share on PCs; but with Chrome OS it will be different, simply because of the Google Inside.


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  1. Very good article Javier, I want to comment that indeed everything that creates Google makes loyalty to the user, in fact I do not do badly, with the tools, especially with the search engine, but from my point of view is bad that has no competition as in the case of searches, somo a bit like where does Vicente go? Where do people go, in short I think I have deviated from the topic of your post. Best regards

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