Why I don't like tablets

For me the AVE is the mobile office model and when I work on the train I don't trade my 250€ Dell laptop with Linux for the best tablet.
Touch screens are the most natural interface we have today, just look at how a two year old relates to a touch phone or tablet, but typing for more than 20 minutes is tiring.
On the desktop PC we have the keyboard 30 cm from the screen, on the laptop 10cm, and in both cases at an angle of about 75°. While in the tablet there is no angle or practically no distance between keyboard and screen, it is an ergonomics similar to that used by artisans when sculpting, painting or molding; an ideal position to sell or teach something, so I think they are a good tool in education. But it is uncomfortable for developing a story, for writing in short, so I do not find them practical in my case.
A high-end cell phone costs the same as a tablet, has half the screen and does the same things as a tablet; but it fits in your pocket and, above all, is already familiar to us, so we don't need to carry around yet another gadget.


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  2. I understand that this is a personal opinion.
    The use of a tablet, it is clear that it is a great consumer of content, but on the other hand it is so far the most suitable device in terms of portability.
    You say that you move by train, I do too, but I prefer to carry a device that for 650 grams (with a keyboard case) gives me almost more than 6 hours of use, against a netbook that between whistles and whistles are 1.5 kg, 3-4.5 hours of autonomy, and that I do not gain much.
    The difference between you and me is that you probably perform much more complex tasks than I do with the tablet. In my case, answering emails, reviewing documents is enough for me. On a netbook you can do many things.

    To the point I tell you that I have everything, smartphone, netbook, tablet, laptop, desktop.....and currently.....
    *The desktop ..... for video editing - photo etc...
    *On netbook - download server and ficcheros
    *Smartphone. for Gps, when I go out partying etc. ....
    *Tablet... It goes with me every day, and in my weekend luggage.
    *Portable..... In a corner... only for "inexperienced fires".

    By telling you .... the phone has become a Nokia phone of a lifetime, almost 1 week without charging, hardly occupies, sounds great, no loss of coverage .... and is the MP3 to go for a run.

    Anyway, I understand your message perfectly, but every time the tasks to be performed are more and more specific... and a tabler covers more and more functionalities.

    PD.....MI Tablet is a DROPAD ....jejejejej

    1. A Dopad? Great 🙂

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