#manifiestonube 1 Only computer scientists already link the digital with the material.

Digital orca

There has been an intense debate for years about whether we should store information on the Internet or not; but this is not new, this discussion began back in the first Internet bubble, back in 1999, when we connected to the Internet through the telephone line.

It turns out that the discussion is no longer the same because the situation is different. It turns out that we no longer connect to the Internet through the phone line, but the phone comes through the Internet connection and that the cable, in many cases is the same as that of 1999, which already advances us the value of the software, above the hardware in all this, software that has managed to pass much more information through the same channel.

We are becoming more and more digital, physical supports for information are disappearing; we no longer think of music, movies or books; now all three fit on a hard disk ergo they are information. Juan Freire in Time, space and the anguish of dematerialized life spoke of the book as the last remaining material redoubt, the only personal possession.

Only IT professionals link information to hardware, i.e. to material things. By professional deformation, when they think of information, they also think of a parking lot and a road that allows them to take the car to another parking lot. From that point of view, it seems logical to reduce travel and to have the parking lot close by so that you can visit it easily. But the logic of the Internet is different, it has been collaborative since its birth in 1990.

Digital is also becoming more and more ubiquitous, as I have already mentioned in other Sometimes, if Internet 1 was for reading and Internet 2 was bidirectional, Internet 3 is mobile, ubiquitous. Ubiquity goes badly with monstrous servers that require constant temperature, power supply and network connection. The big hardware - the server - has become a commodity, it has stable availability and price, there is no differentiation and business margins are low, and will be even lower as some of the remaining oligopolies disappear.

Systems computer scientists can't get it right, they can only get it wrong. I mean, if everything works, it is normalThe systems department is only seen when the network is down, when it fails they are pointed at with the finger. Nevertheless, they feel insecure if the information is somewhere else, let alone when it is distributed in many places, even if it is better guarded than in their own.


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  1. Internet 3 is not only ubiquitous, it is (or will be) invisible.

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