#manifiestonube 5 If you innovate, you will have enough problems already.

Creating web applications is complicated. It is almost certain that someone has already done one like yours before and it is certain that someone will be doing something similar now. Time is the key, you have to get to market first, even if it's with a test version, with a beta.

There is no silver medal in researchThere is only gold, only one winner takes all, leaving no consolation prize for the others.
Something similar happens with the market: being the first does not guarantee success, but it does put you in the market where the winners will come from. Winning in the market is increasingly ephemeral, and requires launching many new products and innovating in business model and structure.
It is best to focus on where you add the most value, minimize overhead costs and test each new product quickly in the market.
If someone else's hosting were more expensive than your own, there would be an excuse for the cost, but this is not the case; it is the other way around.
To focus, reduce structure and test products, it is best to outsource the server.


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