#manifiestonube 6 They have solved that problem before.

When we talk about a web application that is constantly active, that it works is normal, however, that it fails is a serious mistake of the IT manager. When we think of launching new things constantly, failure is normal but it is always better to have someone by your side who has already seen failures of all colors.

Continuing with the theme of hosting economy of scale, optimizing server performance has a series of stages: first you run short and put more bangers to serve, then you distribute the work among the servers you have (e.g., the servers that you have), and then you put more bangers to serve, then you distribute the work among the servers that you have (e.g., the servers that you have).load balancing). When we talk about many different machines connected, it is more difficult for them to sound like an orchestra, so that they distribute the work well; that is where we talk about computation. grid - a formula that makes better use of resources, and will expand rapidly in the coming years. The limit of decentralization is the P2PThe point to point where computers are connected to each other equally, and there are no more fixed servers. It is the limit for the use that is given to connect smaller machines than those usually used in Grid.

It seems obvious that on the Internet anything that is collaborative tends to improve the efficiency of processes, not for nothing is it a network. Imagine that the information is a ball coming towards you and you hit it with a heavy wooden paddle; it requires strength to hold and stabilize the paddle, and you subject both paddle and ball to very localized stress. Now change the paddle for a lighter racquet with a string net, return the ball with less effort and spread the trauma of the stroke over the entire racquet string and over a wider area of the ball.

To collaborate is to go from a wooden paddle to a well-strung racket, and to be able to collaborate you need two things: sufficient size and collaboration rules. Both of these things are far from what a small business server could be, so hosting companies will always be more efficient than you because they can collaborate on Grid or similar, and because they have experience and people dedicated to solving problems.


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