#manifiestonube 7. They have experience in hacker attacks, you do not.

Originally: A hacker gets a lot more medals for busting Amazon web services than for breaking into your office server.
Breaking into someone else's server is, by definition, possible as long as the machine in question is connected to the Internet. Of course, there are systems that are difficult to break into and systems that are easy to break into.
Think about who might be interested in accessing your company's server, and you're probably wrong. Breaking the security barriers of a system requires more time than knowledge in most cases. And who has the time?
On the other hand, think that every time a hacker is on TV, shortly after he or she is hired by a big company and paid a big salary. The best IT security managers usually have a side.
Breaking the security of the server you have in the office is much easier than doing the same with Google or Amazon, Arsys or Acens, but with that the hacker will never be on TV, so the big hosting companies know how to repel the most sophisticated attacks because they suffer them every day.
The race between security departments and hackers is identical to that between cops and robbers or anti-doping and doping in sports.


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