#manifiestonube 9 Racks don't decorate, don't empower, don't entertain anyone.

There is a subgroup within the computer scientists called the cacharrerosThey are known as such because this species likes to tinker, but also to pull screwdrivers, crimp cables and open server boxes. I admit that, without being a computer scientist, I also like to tinker.

But it is advisable to restrain their appetite for gadgets because they are an expensive vice. If they want to tinker, it is better to do it with smaller and cheaper devices. Gadgets like cell phones, tablets or laptops are productive for the company if they are well implemented and have the data availability that the cloud offers.

A brand new Internet server becomes over time an ugly and noisy piece of junk, a junk that comes to visit regularly and that only brings bad news, for if it works it is normal and if it fails it is a disaster..


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