#manifiestonube 8 Your home is not as safe as Fort Knox

There is a certain analogy between the way money is stored and the way data is stored.

It is becoming increasingly important to have our data available anywhere, in fact, once you jump to the cloud there is no going back; for example, no one who has used Gmail for work wants to go back to corporate POP3, and I don't know anyone who started using Dropbox and then abandoned it.

Data is as important as money in today's information society. In the past, money was kept in a sock under the mattress, but it was neither secure nor did it guarantee availability, as is the case today with credit cards. With the cloud, the advantage of availability and device independence is too great to overlook, and I believe that at this point security should be seen as another advantage of the cloud.

For Cloud companies, security is the heart of their business, they cannot afford concessions, because a failure would send everything down the drain and, as I mentioned in the previous post, they have much more experience than you in repelling attempts of data theft. Just as today we see our money safer in the bank than under the mattress, soon we will see our information safer in a large data center than in our computer, and let's not say anything about the pendrive.


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