My reading of #spanishrevolution

You are wrong if you are looking for leaders behind what happened after the May 15 rallies. Forget the conspiracy theories, this has been born from the bottom up, it is a phenomenon. emerging and obeys different laws.
Let me explain, half a year ago, the so-called Sinde Law was debated in Parliament, which allowed and allows to close web pages without judicial authorization. That debate angered many people. As I know that you are waiting for me to put names to this, I will tell you that some of the people who were more significant at that time were: David BravoEduardo Arcos, Enrique DansJavier de la Cueva, Julio AlonsoRicardo Galli among others. These people have continued to support the protest but from different points of view, and they are certainly not the ones who decided to rally on May 15, much less camp out afterwards at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

The fact is that the Sinde Law was rejected in the first instance, to be approved two months later. It was the chronicle of a death foretold, in which PSOE, PP and CIU voted in favor. He recalls that today these three parties are the trigger for all the protests. From there, frustration set in, seeing that, regardless of what the public thought, the majority parties were going to do whatever they wanted. It should be noted that those of us who live on the Internet take it for granted that the Internet is the world and, moreover, I think that by the ego the blogger dies.

Frustration and a series of public debates via Twitter turned #leysinde into #nolesvotes, an initiative that began by publishing collaborative maps of Spanish corruption and ended up proposing a rally for May 15 in several Spanish cities.

It should therefore be clear that this has been months, if not years in the making, and that it has exploded now simply because it has managed to get the critical mass of people aligned.

Nor is it logical to make analogies with the revolutions of recent months in the Middle East for several reasons: they are hungry and we are not; they emitted a weak signal that was amplified from outside, while here the signal has not needed amplification. And above all because there people died, that is to say, the news was the death of people while here what is news is the number of people who have aligned themselves; with a diffuse objective that can be translated into breaking the bi-partisanship, but with a clear enemy, a political class by which they do not feel represented.

These rallies have arisen during the election campaign, not because there are electoral interests behind them but, in my opinion, because while a group of people published an embarrassing map of corruption at the rallies, gold and silver was promised. Because while some were compiling political embarrassments in a wikiOthers were full of mouths saying how good they were, and how bad the others were, those others with whom, let's remember, they had voted the Sinde Law against the opinion of the most active people on the Internet.

And what was bound to happen happened: people outraged by this, and by the fact that their mother's pension is being reduced on the same day that public money is being injected into private banks, took to the streets to protest. In time we will know if this is a black swan but I'm betting on it today.

Of course they seek to change the course of the elections, because what they do agree on is that the Spanish representative system does not represent them. But the replicas that the #spanishrevolution is starting to have in a dozen countries, such as Italy, Germany or Belgium, proves that this is not the fault of the Spanish municipal and autonomic elections; moreover, it supports the possibility of being a black swan: something that nobody expected but that, once it has happened, it seems logical to all of us that it would happen.

What will happen now is unpredictable precisely because there are millions of different people having tens of millions of conversations every day. What is certain is that it can be traced, and if it is traced, the next steps are better understood.


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  1. The precedents are only of "habit" of protest, I do not see a continuity in the protests. Rather, we have seen that it is possible to mobilize via the Internet, but we don't care about the causes. We can easily call botellones or 15M.
    People have had enough and have found a way to congregate. Only a minority have been at all the e-demonstrations.
    good post

  2. Javier Avatar

    I understand that you see no relation between the Sinde Law and 15m because they have nothing to do with each other; but they are part of the same time chain, in the second one there are people who were already in the first one, and the feeling is the same.
    Precisely for this reason we do not know what the next bifurcation will be, and it is about to happen, so now it is time to propose measures.
    The measures to be proposed are sure to resemble some political party's pamphlet and that will generate controversy.
    But the anger is still there and so is the common enemy, so the mobilizations will continue, what we do not know is where.

  3. Totally agree. Good post

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