Dropad review, android tablet for 140€.

I have been with the Dropada tablet similar to the Samsung Galaxy tab 7′ although more limited than this one.
I bought it to be used by small children, because paying the 500€ fee seemed like a waste, especially when you risk the child breaking it on the second day of use.
I'll start with the test that my children have done with it. The success is incontestable, it has everything you need: wifi, camera - poor but camera - and a good screen. The 7-inch screen responds perfectly to the touch and its resolution is decent. I also think that 7 inches is an optimal size for children, although for adults I fear that the standard will end up being 9 or 10 inches, even though it's not the best size. I don't think to replace laptops.

Today's children relate to touch screens with surprising naturalness, in fact it is striking how easy they do everything. The amount of educational applications in the Android store makes it recommended for children, and more and more every day. Keep in mind that, unlike what happens in the Apple store, for Android most of the applications are free, and children ask for new applications every day; a relief for the pocket.

It is well prepared for video conferencing, with its front camera, a good microphone and a powerful speaker placed on the back; the location of the speaker makes the volume drops a lot when you have it resting on a flat surface; however, it has a more than acceptable sound quality. Now it only needs to come out Skype with video for Android.

It is heavier than the Samsung Galaxy tab, has a similar processor, more ports, and the same expandability with memory cards. Although the screen resolution is not as good as Samsung's, but it is more than enough to read well and watch videos or photos.

Once she passed the children's test with flying colors, her father went on to test her as well.
The verdict is not an honorable mention in the children's sector, but it is a good one. It doesn't have a 3G connection, which is another relief for the pocket as you avoid one more fixed cost, but it does limit connectivity. Unlike expensive tablets, this one does accept a 3G USB stick to connect to mobile networks, but I have not yet been able to get it to work.

Although there are still many programs to be adapted for tablets in the Android store, and I'm missing some of the ones I have on my Samsung Galaxy S, like EvernoteI don't think it will take long to adapt them.

I understand that it is not fair to compare a 140€ tablet - it has gone up 10€ in the last days - with other tablets that cost 500€, but let's do it. The construction of the tablet is excellent: hard and robust, much better than the expensive ones that come in plastic, the Dropad is all aluminum; although it penalizes in weight I think it's worth it. In terms of connectivity is very good, the battery is short, as in all, but also that is discharged in a short time if left on stand-by with a wifi nearby.
It is a 7-inch galaxy tab that wants to look like the ipad but has distinctive Chinese features, namely it has an additional off switch, the three keys: enter, menu and off are not well placed on one side and some materials seem oversized.

Believe it or not, if you search on DealextremeThere are cheaper ones even in 10′, I chose this one because it has a screen. capacitiveI would recommend you to do the same. In addition, I had read of the good build quality of the Dropad, something I corroborate, the design should also be taken into account because, despite the excess weight is attractive.

I think it is an excellent buy because of the quality of materials, because it costs less than a third of the others, because all the tablets will be obsolete in a year and because this one has android 2.2 - Froyo - just like the 500 euros ones. Now that we can't say that be the same as the Samsung Galay Tab.

Post data. If you are going to buy it, I warn you that it comes with a pin plug - at least mine - and that you will have to put an adapter or buy an adaptor. this at dealextreme. We almost forgot about the warranty.


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  1. Javier Avatar

    It is important to note that I just bought another one.

  2. You did well because for what there is no need to spend 500 euros. This tablet thing has absorbed me since I bought with my bro the ipad to my mother and I think they are the future. You did very well in not getting them the ipad because not having sd kills me to put videos and other things but is that an older person can not peel with the peculiarities of android and not end up throwing it away with charger and all. You have bought the best possible gadget at that price. Enjoy it to the fullest and try not to overload it with junk software. Tip: mpmusic download: wonderful to be able to download any song for free.

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