My reading of #spanishrevolution II Justification

There is a tool that works on Twitter tags and it is called hashtagify. If we start by asking him to paint the labels most closely related to #leysinde we find the following:

With a correlation of 16% with #leysinde label appears #nolesvotes,

#nolesvotes in turn correlates 17% with #spanishrevolution and 16% with #acampadasol#spanishrevolution thus serves as a link for all those that have followed.

But it correlates very well (31%) again with #acampadasol, which tells us that #spanishrevolution is the common thread of the story and #acampadasol its star measure. It should be noted that #spanishrevolution did not yet exist when #leysinde was popularized.

In short, the fuse was lit by the approval of the Sinde Law, as this is a emerging system is based on small interactions; so that what was initially small was amplified and transformed into something much larger and which no longer had anything to do with the initial claim.

That is to say, people went to protest at Puerta del Sol because they were outraged with many things and not only with the Sinde Law, in fact this was diluted. The campers forgot the Sinde Law and protested against other things, but it was the one who lit the fuse.

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  2. GianGiu Avatar

    the #leysinde as the new incoming #leypajin are and must be in my opinion the points not to lose sight of because they are the means by which we are trying to reach a control (read censorship) of the network. It is necessary to evaluate that at the moment that in a couple of generations time without this current global medium of diffusion of information and free culture (and seen what is left of the others) there will not be much left to do ...:(((

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