Free software is leading the way

Perhaps the most difficult thing to assume about the change we are living through and the new world that will result is that sharing is the way to win. We do not have the brain prepared for this; we can be ethical or do-goodersIn our heritage, winning and sharing are different things, almost at odds with each other. And it will probably take us more than a generation to internalize that sharing leads to winning and not to losing.

The phenomenon of free software communities in which a programmer demonstrates his skills in the face of a real problem; these self-organized cells have ended up making money - perhaps unequally - but they have earned it because they have imposed their products on the market. There are examples of free software leaders in their sector such as WordPress in blogging or MySQL in databases. They are self-organized and little by little different leaderships emerge in them, and the leaders are promoted by the community itself, and they are always those who contribute the most value to the community.

We live in a time of changes, many changes every day, things that are unpredictable a priori but that are obvious a posteriori, like the black swans from Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The changes we are experiencing have in common the fact that they do not come from a ruling elite but from the bottom up. emergingThat is why they scare the political class so much, because they are unpredictable. That is why the televisions insisted on showing hierarchies in the assemblies of the Puerta del Sol Camp, because they do not understand them, they are not capable of anticipating their movements and they are not capable of reacting in time.

The free software has already been distilling intelligence from the bottom up for 30 years, it was born that way, that's why people who have worked with free software communities understand better what is going on. Right now our #spanishrevolution needs leaders like food, and they are probably starting to appear, but this process needs time, it can't be forced.

Managing time is the most sensible thing a politician who has to deal with it can do today. Time and physical space are key to define what will come out of the agglomeration of people; leaderships are not inherited or even democratic but meritocratic; they are based on the merits that the community - as an independent entity - recognizes in some of its members. In these communities we speak of leadership in the plural, since there is usually not a single leader but several.


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