My summary of La Red Innova 2011

I was at the first edition of La Red Innova two years ago and I was there again yesterday and today. From the first edition, I'll keep its Hispanic-American vocation and its aim for people to have a good time; networking, like courage in the military, is taken for granted.

Now that La Red Innova has evolved according to its genes, it strikes me that many people who are not in the Internet circuit has come here as if it were attending a congress, in this way, the Innova Network is doing a work of evangelization about how the Internet is changing the business world. It is still focused on business and, within this, on marketing, it is a superficial image of the world. InternetIt does not have to be anything else because there are other technical events.

The problem is that the new leave with a feeling of superficiality, of show business only. While it is true that marketing is critical in the new economy, it is more important the how that the whatand this event transmits it masterfully. To put a downside, I have found some overly commercial presentations by large companies.

In short: you have a good time, you learn a few things and you meet people. And above all, once a year we have someone who reminds us that our future is in Latin America, and directs the networking towards Brazil, Argentina or Chile. It's a pity that we have to be reminded of the obvious, but that's how it is in many cases, and even more so when I believe that Latin American countries are among the most creative in the world - specifically Argentina and Spain, in that order - and creativity is today one of the main means of production.

Of all the presentations I have seen, I would like to highlight the great Pauthe creator of EyeOSand a rising star who is transcending the entrepreneurial world. Pau constantly takes risks in his talks, improvises less than he seems to, but above all he has plenty of common sense. His plea in favor of startups has obvious points to criticize, but it is a breath of fresh air in the panorama. He is 24 years old, has charisma and common sense; it was about time we had a monologuist like him.


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