Six reasons to go for startups now

There is already a consensus that the economy needs a revival; which is a euphemism for saying that the economy needs a change in its structure. One of my colleagues argues that business needs to shift to a more business-like model. startupsI believe it is mainly a change of mentality marked by the new environment. I think it is mainly a change of mentality marked by the new environment, and justified in the following reasons:

1. Startups live closer to the market, relate to it and react quickly to its changes, with a speed that the market values today.

2. There is a large new market with many niches for startups that can grow quickly because they have a differentiated product.

3. Technology-based companies have a lot of public support, but what start-ups that succeed have in common is that they innovate both in technology and in the business model.

4. It is not necessary to explain to startups what the crisis is because they are already born in it, they live in the midst of a change of model; they have already thought about what the future will be like and are looking to adapt to what will come next.

5. The leaders of successful companies nowadays are very different from those of yesteryear, from the businessmen who managed (manage) good companies in the 20th century. The new successful entrepreneurs know how to live with the uncertainty of change.

6. These companies think they are big, start small and scale up fast - Think big. Start small. Scale Fast. When they grow, they generate employment, wealth and knowledge in their environment. If they fail to grow, they also generate knowledge because there is no work experience with which you learn as fast as creating a startup.


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