Google returns to the Gmail strategy with Google+

Google makes money on search engine ads. Advertising accounts for most of its revenue.

Gmail was launched in 2004 to build user loyalty. Google's webmail was then infinitely better than its competitor, Hotmail, in terms of disk space but above all in terms of speed. Google was already born that way, beating Terra, Yahoo or Lycos in speed. Simply put, when you wanted to search for something, its page took half the time to go through that 56Kb modem. That modem that squeaked when connected to the telephone line suffered to load its competitors; pages full of news with which they tried to gain user loyalty, without realizing that people went to the search engine to look for news and not to read its menu, that the Internet did not work like television.

With Gmail, Google was beginning to give back to its customers some of the money it was making by selling advertising, and it was also covering its search engine with a crown of good, easy-to-use services that made people loyal. Let's not forget that the Prince of Asturias Communication Award-winning company is also very profitable. Google was also aware of the promiscuity The Internet is a very important part of people's lives, as was evident in the .com bubble of 2001.

Today, Google is creating a pure social network, a Facebook called Google+, its second social network after Orkutwhich is the leader in Brazil and India. It also creates it because the search engine is facing two enemies, first of all the contextual advertising of Facebook and the stores that are already created in The social networkThe second is the growth of Bing - Microsoft's search engine - in the United States.

They say that Google + is made for geeksbut they were also made for geeks: Google, Gmail, Docs or Youtube and look where they have ended up.


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