Entrepreneurship at age 14. Néstor Palao

Nestor is a teenage macho guy, he is excited to explore and squeeze the crazy world of Startups. He started a few months ago to write iPhoneA2a blog about Apple. No, Nestor, unfortunately this is not a common case.

When I was seven years old I started selling daisy necklaces that my sister made in front of the facade of the Cathedral of Mondoñedo; that created some commotion; I remember that my mother had to come and get me, she did not reproach me for what I was doing, but rather for having done it in a town of Lugo in the early eighties, in short, that if I did it again it was advisable to move away from the center of town; I tried it in the park but there were not so many people and sales dropped dramatically.

The fact is that the good Nestor, a few days after returning from Initiator kidswrote this entry on his blog; and shortly thereafter he surprised us all with this tweet:

A few months ago, Pau García Miláfounder of eyeOS tore off a chat saying:

In other countries you earn things, in Spain we have the pay.
Have you seen any children selling lemonade?

That's entrepreneurial culture, selling lemonade, and that's how you learn. Getting a few bucks for the banners. Then, if Néstor does well, he will buy an iPhone, an iPad and even a MacBook; and he will have to explain to his classmates that his advertisers have paid for them, and he will end up becoming an example for some of them.

It scares us to see a child selling because, in short, it scares us to sell; and that has to be cured, and the sooner the better. Now we have to start by respecting Néstor for starting to sell, I don't say to thank him or even less to buy something from him. It will be enough for us not to be like the inhabitants of Mondoñedo in 1983.


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  1. More than congratulating you for selling, I congratulate you for putting the idea of selling into action. I don't know if I'm making myself clear...

    Great, Néstor, go ahead!

  2. Néstor Palao Avatar
    Néstor Palao

    Hi, I'm @menpalapps, I'm the guy the post talks about, and I want to thank Javier for writing for me. He is a professional in the world of entrepreneurship and an example to follow, I hope he will teach me a lot of things in the future 🙂

    Thank you Javier.
    Best regards, Néstor Palao

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Entrepreneur? Really? HAHAHA

    You say it's not normal, but now I see 10 year old kids starting projects bigger than a wordpress with a .com. For starters, they set up the server and configure the DNS of the domain by themselves, that alone has more merit than self-announcing in a Tweet.

    Of course, that's my perception, I've seen cases and it's not amazing, but come on, if it is, I should have been here at the time, at 13 I also had a .com and the template was not predetermined, I touched it myself, that... that has more merit, right?

    Anyway... the kid should not get discouraged, there are people who at his age get into everything, at least he does something productive, or semi-productive.


  4. Jose Manuel Avatar
    Jose Manuel

    I congratulate Néstor for his desire to undertake and work. We need more young people who want to mobilize and make the country progress and enjoy doing it, keep it up....

  5. Anonymous:

    To speak without knowing is very risky and if on top of that you fail (your chuckle is too much) it is foolish.

    It is clear that you have no idea of what it is to be an entrepreneur.

    What you are talking about is designing and programming, being an entrepreneur is much more than that.

    I speak with full knowledge of the facts, because I know the person of whom you speak. You are very bold to judge a 14 year old by a blog post.

    Of course, with the tone of resentment that your words denote, it is normal that you do not understand the meaning of being an entrepreneur.

  6. David Lillo Avatar
    David Lillo

    If you were as brave as your words denote, you should have started by not being "Anonymous" and maybe then we could judge you too, as you do with Nestor. Hiding and demanding notoriety are incompatible.

    Respect and humility are the basis of everything, start using them.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Congratulations Pajlao, apart from an enterprising young DJ, 🙂

  8. the fucker Avatar
    the fucker

    I think it's pretty good that there are young entrepreneurs with many very useful ideas in the sector in which this young guy works and I think the way to advance this shitty country is with the help of these people to improve it and I would love to meet nestor and know his new ideas because I guess he will have innovated significantly cb compared to the date with which this was written and I would love to congratulate nestor for his great work and I hope that someday he will be a very important person in this sector and help this country to float with his ideas.
    Nestor much encouragement and I hope you improve even more this great work that can only be achieved with a lot of desire and commitment.

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