Google has the wind at its back

I don't know how far Google can go, but I think it will be the most powerful company in history.

I mean, the future is in mobility, in device independence, in ergonomics and in having a complete ecosystem of people developing for you. And Google already has all that.

Its great competitor is Apple, currently the most valuable company in the world. But Apple is a premium segment, although many people have mistakenly thought that their operator gives them the iPhone for free, the iPhone actually costs 600€. It is premium and it has also lost Steve Jobs; and I, contrary to what Wall Street thinks, believe that Jobs is not replaceable.

In mobility first was Palm OS, which died, like Windows mobile. In free software Nokia killed Symbian by releasing it in a bad way. Blackberry was based on data centralization, something that goes against the idiosyncrasy of a distributed network like the Internet; and that centralization killed it last week with the failure of all its devices for days. Now Apple is starting to be vulgar with a software update for its iPhone and iPod that gives problems. In short, Google has everything to face, we just have to wait to see if Larry Page is able to lead what I believe will be the largest company in history.


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  1. Disclaimer: I am more a fan of Google than Apple, I think Google is a real factory and central purchasing technology that changes the world, but with longer terms of monetization (maps, docs, youtube, analytics, etc) and Apple is a company that adds design and user experience to the devices that at each moment is allowing the state of the HW. Therefore I see Google as more powerful in the long term, but I think Apple still has a very powerful weapon, to be selectively "not so premium", they can choose segments where to continue with premium aureole to maintain "the brand image", but in others to create more affordable ranges, since if the new cash-cow is the platform to distribute content, the more people can buy that content the better. Different iPod ranges have already been created, so that everyone could go through iTunes 🙂
    Despite the displeasure of the fanboys, the iPhone 4S has been a great move, it will be cheaper than the previous ones, there will probably even be a new model to target lower ranges, and in due time there will be "a new toy" for the superfans (the 5), so that they "continue to feel special" by passing through the cash register, of course.
    All this power of Apple in user experience and content distribution in any case does not eclipse the fact that Google will continue for many years to lead the "network intelligence", information management, making creation accessible to people.

    1. Juan,
      Apple has an advantage that no one can reach, and that is being the same company which creates the software and the hardware at the same time, so the adaptation of each software version to its hardware is better. In fact my experience is that Apple products last longer because new software versions are better adapted to older products. It is paradoxical that both Apple and Google are software companies but neither of them get much revenue from it (I think I have already said it in this blog).
      Because of Google's philosophy, I don't think it will ever be the company that earns the most money, but it will be the most powerful, because, as you say, it is the intelligence of the network. In fact, its mantra is "Google is the Internet", and it is almost obvious to invest it in "Internet is Google".
      Jobs' magic was to create products so well rounded that they reached the mass market. Ten years ago Apple was relegated to the graphic design niche and a few turbo-geeks. Their computers were expensive, they had IBM boards, but little by little (after the green iMac) they became popular; then they changed IBM for Intel; if they had been an alternative music group, they would have been branded as "becoming commercial"; but that philosophy triumphed. With the iPod, they ate up music; and with the iPhone, they created a phone standard. The iPod has run out of steam and they want to turn it into a console; and now the iPhone is no longer alone; a high-end android does the same as it does.
      And, as far as hardware integration is concerned, I think Samsung, Sony or HTC are as good or better than Apple, so they are going to have competition. In fact, for me, Nokia, Asus and Sony are the best hardware integrators, although Nokia is a bit sad because they have been losing one battle after another with Symbian as their flagship; now they hope to put two lame ones together (Nokia and Microsoft) and have them run with two legs, but I'm afraid they are late.
      Android has matched them, so Apple is just another manufacturer that, right now, has less than two years head start and falling. Apple has always succeeded with a single product, if it disperses, it will probably pay for it in the quality of the product. Or in other words, it will lose the "mojo" that Steve Jobs put in his toys. So I see Google almost as a gazelle company.

  2. Hi, I am a reader of your blog, which I find very interesting. However since you have changed to black background with white letters I find it very annoying to look at. I say this for information purposes only.

    Best regards.

    1. I really appreciate your comment. It's something I think about every time I log in.
      And look where, Pau, I'm going to agree with you.

  3. Hi Javier!

    I have been following your blog for quite some time and this post was spot on. A very realistic view of the current market and the near future.

    When you want to take a tour of the cdc, you know 😉

    Best regards.

  4. David, yes, I do feel like it, yes.

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