Review of Junpad, android tablet for 140€.

Junpad is very similar to Dropad which I have already written about. hereso I will focus on explaining the differences. The price is the same, just under 140 € at DealExtreme and are separated by about six months, which results in many improvements.

The battery lasts more than twice as long as that of the Dropad, firstly because it carries more battery and secondly because the sleep mode is more efficient, i.e. it consumes less energy.
Screen, processor and memory are identical to the Dropad, i.e., nothing to write home about, but acceptable. It weighs considerably less and is thinner; it used to come in aluminum and now it comes in plastic; in fact, it starts to look quite similar to the 7' Samsung Galaxy Tab. Another important advance is that it now has front buttons in addition to the side ones it keeps, and it is very noticeable. It is much more comfortable to use, even if you occasionally slip your finger to the button, as they come on the same screen.

The sound is much better, the Dropad is barely audible when you rest it on a flat surface while the Junpad is. It also comes with GPS, although I haven't needed to use it in the 15 days I've had it.
It has an extremely minimalist Android 2.2 distribution, that is, it barely has anything installed, and what's worse, the version of the Android Market it uses is very limited. It is also true that it moves with ease.

I guess I'll end up installing another operating system but I'm pretty lazy.

They have removed the absurd power switch and, in its place, have inserted a slot for SD cards, so it has two slots, one SD and one Micro SD.

In short, I think it's a good buy because with what a conventional tablet costs I buy a Junpad, Dropad,... or whatever it's called, every six months for two years,... and in two years - or one - the best tablet you can buy today will be much worse than the Junpad of the moment.


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