I close my time at EOI

Last February 29th was my last day at EOI, I leave behind more than a thousand days of experiences, friends and some of the best projects I have done, as is the case of Open Green at SIMO 2010.

I have been involved in projects that I enjoyed. We started by creating a relationship infrastructure for SMEs, we turned Redepyme around, which ended up being launched in that Open Green. We tried to make consulting something scalable and agile through the Follow-Ups; we launched three brands: the new Redepyme, Open Green and Emprendeoi; and we created the EOI Entrepreneurs Club or the Redepyme-Iniciador Investment Forum, among other initiatives.

We take the School to: Iniciador, Ellas 2.0, Betabeers, the Jornadas de eCommerce, Iniciador Kids, CEO-CF, Keiretsu Forum, Ecomm & Beers or iOS Bootcamp, among others.

I said goodbye to the School after launching the Design Company Courses, although I prefer to call them Design Company Courses, which mark, in my opinion, the line to be followed by this type of program in the 21st Century.

In March 2011, while I was drawing up the School's Entrepreneurship Plan, Startup Spain came out, as if by magic. Startup America nor Startup Britainbut only a few months earlier, Nicolas Shea had already created Startup Chile. At that time I thought that the project could be driven by the School, as a bridge between public and private initiative, but as long as Startup Spain was a bottom-up movement and not the other way around. Subsequently, I continued working to join forces towards an emerging National Entrepreneurship Plan, in which a year later I am still engaged in connecting the main actors of our National Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

I leave satisfied and with more work than I would like, because I proposed to rest and, not by any means, I have done it in these two weeks that I have been away. I have many projects on the table, and much to my regret, I will have to say no to some of them.

Years ago I thought time was infinite. Today I believe that time is the only thing that limits us.


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  1. And now?


    1. It will be necessary to undertake 🙂

  2. PedroSP Avatar

    The goat always pulls 'pal monte'...

    Best of luck and see you ... in the bush 🙂

  3. All the good luck in the world.


  4. pilar purroy Avatar
    pilar purroy

    Thank you for letting me participate in some of these projects. Thank you for teaching me so many things. Thank you for involving me during these last years in new, stimulating, fun and exciting projects. Thank you for the enthusiasm, the effort, the time (stolen from your personal time) invested in making what is still my home grow. Thank you. You deserve all the success imaginable and more.

    If you fly in company, may your colleagues never cease to appreciate how much you are worth, what tremendous professional and personal qualities you have and how fortunate they are to have you.

  5. Thanks to you Pilar, because what I have not said is that each and every one of these projects fit to 100%, and without a single glitch after more than half a dozen audits, in European Social Fund and ERDF. Thank you because you have made the School earn money in each and every one of them, without a single stain or shadow of doubt.

  6. Thank you for having supported so many entrepreneurs, both in Madri+D and in the EOI, for having given us encouragement whenever we needed it, for maintaining our enthusiasm and for being the way you are. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will succeed for sure, because there are very few people like you, with so much desire to do things, to help and change the world. A hug, crack!

  7. Pablo Jerez Avatar
    Pablo Jerez

    Well, if you need my humble help you can count on me without hesitation and we'll talk a hug.

  8. Well, that's it:
    - that can be undertaken by the public sector.
    - that can be risked from the public sector.
    - that risk is the safest thing for the public sector.
    - that risk is confidence in the capacity of public and private entrepreneurs.
    - that either we integrate entrepreneurs in the public sector or we kill it.

  9. Juan Pastor Bustamante Avatar
    Juan Pastor Bustamante

    Javier, I'm sure you will continue to promote many interesting things and to fertilize the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain. Good luck!

  10. Well, good luck in the new stage then 🙂

  11. Maite Barrera Avatar
    Maite Barrera

    In our common stage in EOI you are one of the people who have contributed the most to say that I learned a lot there. Thank you for always putting your knowledge and enthusiasm at the disposal of the doubts even of the non geeks! We expect great things from you.

  12. Go for it! Cheer up and good luck!

    I hope that in this new stage you will take some time to give us newbies in the world of entrepreneurship some tips 🙂

  13. Hi Javier, we met at SIMO. I'm in charge of communication for cuentica.com
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your work and wish you success in your endeavors and good luck.


  14. The academy and entrepreneurs need you in jobs like these Javier.

    I wish you a lot of success!

  15. Mercedes Martin Avatar
    Mercedes Martin

    Thank you Javier for everything I have learned with you during your time at EOI. You have left very good memories among your colleagues, especially those closest to you: as a professional who was always devising new challenges with great enthusiasm and good work, as a partner because you were always willing to lend a hand and as a person for your enormous generosity. A big hug and as I have already told you on more than one occasion, FAREWELL ALREADY!

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