StartupSpain I. Definitions

A year and a half ago we started talking about StartupSpain. Initially it was just a hypothesis, but it ended up becoming a truism, to the point that in April 2011 it was already clear that whoever it was, someone would end up launching this National Startup Support System.

First we must be clear that a startup is neither an SME nor a technology-based company. As they say Bob Dorf and Steve Blank, uA startup is a temporary organization designed to pursue a repeatable and scalable business model.; i.e:

1. Startups have an expiration date, either because they stop growing at the speed that this type of company should grow, or because they have become too big or have been bought by a large company. In any case, they are temporary organizations.

2. Startups are susceptible to cloning, i.e., they can be replicated in other geographical locations. In these companies they are intrinsically linked to innovation, in any of its kinds; and they can be successfully replicated in other countries.

3. Startups are scalable, i.e. their business models can be quickly and cheaply replicated elsewhere. Thus, startups are a select and small group of SMEs, but they do not necessarily have to be based on a strategic R&D plan, as is the case with technology-based companies; rather, innovation is part of their day-to-day activities and, in many cases, of their business model. They live with uncertainty, so if one market does not work for them, they pivot and look for another.

If a startup is temporary, repeatable and scalable, it is not limited to the Internet, but is a business creation format in itself. Companies must shift towards startup models, i.e. be born as small companies but to do big things.

It is mainly a change of mentality marked by the new environment, and justified by: their proximity to the market and the new niches that are appearing in it, as well as their speed, their capacity for innovation in both technology and business model, their adaptation to the change - not crisis - in which we are living and in which they have already been born, and their ability to manage uncertainty.

Startups are a metaphor for the 21st century, they are fast and light, they live in the market where they are constantly testing new products; they are therefore more competitive. We must bet on them because our economy needs a revulsive and we do not have money to put gas but we do have intelligence to place a catalyst, and startups are a catalyst.

These companies think they are big, start small and scale up fast Think big. Start small. Scale Fast - Eric Ries. When they grow, they generate employment, wealth and knowledge in their environment. If they fail to grow, they also generate knowledge because there is no training that teaches you as fast as creating a startup.

StartupSpain should be understood as a help to the young Spanish startup ecosystem, in which ideas do not flow from the top down, but are born in a few individuals and some of them end up emerging.


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