StartupSpain III. The field

Spain has the makings for good startups, we have few large companies that patent and exploit their industrial property but many small companies used to innovate in their day to day, we are a country of inventors. Another point in our favor is the high education of young people, since most of the creators of startups are engineers or graduates.

Moreover, Spain is once again cheap. As happened in 1985 with the entry into the European Union (then European Economic Community), it opened a vein for tourism and industry by the differential of our wages with those of Germans, Swedes or French. Now Spanish startups are much cheaper than those in Northern Europe, Israel or North America, given the little competition we have here among investors and how especially hard the economic crisis is being for us, as we are a highly leveraged country and especially indebted on the brick. Thus, a window of opportunity has opened for seed investment in our companies with high growth potential.

Spain is starting to have an ecosystem of support for startups, with successful entrepreneurs becoming investors, as in the case of François Derbaix. We also have investor networks such as Keiretsu Forum, which make it possible for capitalists from traditional sectors to put their money into new businesses. We have networks of entrepreneurs like Iniciador that were born from the grassroots and today connect thousands of startup creators inside and outside our borders. More recently, there has even been born a movement for change in our Educational System, which uses the company as a place of learning, the error as part of the process and learning by doing as a way of learning. leitmotivSuch is the case of Iniciador Kids or the TeamLabs Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Degree. We also have incubators with the YCombinator model, such as Tetuan Valley that already begins to have all the ingredients of the Ecosystem, namely: projects, mentors and investors.

The Ecosystem is created, by definition, from the bottom up. emerging systemIt has to be built by its own actors, but it is also very young and therefore fragile and small. As a country, we must treat it with care. The Spanish Startup Ecosystem does not need fuel, but perhaps we should help it with catalysts, and of course providing it with a friendly environment because our future depends on it.

Note: I have mentioned Keiretsu Forum, Iniciador Kids and The TeamLabs Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Degree (Team Academy - Mondragón), because they are initiatives in which I am involved and therefore I know first hand. This does not mean that they are the best or even the only ones in each case.



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  1. I agree with you, however I find myself reactive, to ask for recognition or help... Let it evolve by itself... As you say it is a time of inventiveness.

  2. Of course, it is not a matter of putting gasoline in the form of subsidies, but of paving the way, removing administrative burdens, taxes, obstacles,...
    Support with infrastructure: space, servers and relationships.

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