StartupSpain VI. A spark in the ecosystem

In this post I want to show, in broad strokes, what is our drawing of StartupSpain. A project with the body of a startup to help startups and that we hope to begin to materialize throughout the fall.

The era of large public expenditures is over. Institutions and governments have to be cut back to reduce public spending simply because there is no revenue to support it. These are good times for individual initiative because there are many unfilled gaps in the marketplace, and the old is inefficient in many cases. It is more profitable to create than to reform, because now it is the squirrels and not the mammoths who win the race.

There are many and very good people making ecosystem for startups in Spain, the problem is that they are not able to make a living with their work, they lack a business model. On the demand side, entrepreneurs need these supports but cannot afford them. We must reach a compromise so that the private sector provides the money that allows the wheel to move, and the public sector does not make it difficult and helps as much as possible.

There are funds, but they have to be articulated in a single direction, unifying initiatives under a seal, under a country-brand, under a business model that allows all those who add value to the Ecosystem to play and win, with premises of transparency and collaboration. StartupSpain is not the field, nor are they the players, but they are the rules of the game.

We must not lose sight of the fact that StartupSpain is a national initiative to project our best entrepreneurs abroad, however the work on the ground has to be done through local partners coordinated in a well-proven methodology. Let us also bear in mind that we can be a model for all of Latin America, and that this methodology can be quickly adapted to countries with our language and a similar culture; countries that, unlike us, are growing although they lack the infrastructure that we have, we can and should lend them.

If we make a simile with a combustion reaction, StartupSpain is a spark in the Spanish startup ecosystem; it is the catalyst that makes some actors react with others, it is the cement that binds the ecosystem. It is not the fuel but the spark; it is not the reactor but the catalyst; it is not the bricks but the cement. StartupSpain is the country brand for our new companies with high growth potential.



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