Exclusion is just around the corner. Soon in your own building

On these rainy and unpleasant days I can't get the people I see begging on the street out of my mind because they are just like you and me.

A mortgage is a loan with real guarantees, that is to say, the house guarantees the repayment of the amount owed. When the apartments depreciate, the one who should be caught is the bank but no, in Spain we do not have dation in payment so they go directly against your patrimony when the auction of the house does not satisfy the outstanding debt.

Banks do not stop collecting apartments that they do not sell because they would sink prices along the way and with them their already battered balance sheets, which, on the other hand, nobody believes.

More than four years that my admired Uncle Eulogio began to proclaim bankrupt banks, bankrupt countries, bankrupt countries. This summer, like the previous ones, I spent almost a month in Portugal; our brothers are like us only that they are a year and a half ahead and have less negotiating capacity before Brussels than Spain, but otherwise we are identical. The fact is that Portugal has made a new one, the umpteenth, injection This makes me think that this bank has no solution and that we are swimming for our lives only to end up dying on the shore. When a ballet teacher evaluates risks in the CAM because was drawn by lottery before a notary public no matter how much money you inject there, it is a broken sack, a broken sack that I believe is intimately linked to the corruption that we tolerate and validate every four years at the ballot box.

In fact, the following paradox could occur: Let's imagine that tomorrow morning a bank evicts a family from their apartment for not paying the mortgage. When they are in the street they will go to a supermarket to buy bread and cold meat to make sandwiches. The mother will look at the ticket and will see written: TOTAL VAT 1.00€ and will think: a good part of this euro is going to pay the hole from which I have just been evicted. If I don't pay my debt with them they kick me out of my house, if they don't pay their debts I pay them with my taxes. It is not fair. Injustices end up paying, perhaps where we least expect them, but we will end up paying for them.

It so happens that a woman has suicide when he was being evicted and a debate has been opened about evictions in which judges protest that they are mere tools of the banks, until the point that Kutxabank and Caja Laboral have temporarily suspended the execution of evictions while waiting for an eventual legislative reform. Common sense creaks when we think of the money we are investing in nationalizing bankrupt banks so that they can then take away our neighbor's home and social exclusion appears in our own block of apartments.


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  1. Mayca Garcia de la Reina Avatar
    Mayca Garcia de la Reina

    In total disagreement. When we acquire a payment commitment is to fulfill it. It doesn't matter if it's the purchase of a house, a microwave or a PC. If things go wrong, you have to take the consequences. Suicide is the reaction of cowards to assume their problems. We cannot allow ourselves to be coerced by suicides (If my tenant does not pay me, I will forgive him the rent so that he does not commit suicide...)? NO, THE BANKS DO NOT COLLECT APARTMENTS, the problem is that because of those who HAVE NOT FULFILLED THEIR COMMITMENTS TO PAY, now those of us who need a credit, a mortgage or to keep a bank account open: WE ARE TAXED WITH COMMISSIONS, COSTS AND OTHER. I DO NOT AGREE.

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