Nespresso, or how to increase the price of coffee sixfold

If a few days ago I criticized The lean startup, and today Thursday I took out of my mouth what I think of the fashion of the 15€ gin and tonic, I could only talk about how to inflate the price of coffee when you are running out of margins.

Let's shoot low. Each Nespresso capsule has 5 grams of coffee and serves to make a cup of coffee; each capsule costs about 35c€.


If 0,005kg costs 0,35€.

1kg would cost 70€.

Bonka is a brand of coffee that belongs to Nestle just like Nespresso, well, its most expensive coffee, pure Colombia, costs 12 €/kg for the 70 €/kg of the capsules.

Objections to common sense:

1. Yes, but there is a technology behind it, the coffee they make is different.

At WikipediaAlthough the machines are available in stores and manufactured by different companies, Nespresso capsules are under a closed patent system and can only be manufactured by Nestlé..

2. Technology is also present in capsules

They are made of aluminum like soda cans or restaurant lunch boxes; they are not a leap in design and are not packaged in an aluminum can. atmosphere special.

3. Man yes, but at least recognize that the idea is good.

And of the year 1970 also

However, they have launched the product in style and have shown Nestle's great financial muscle by sustaining it over time for years and years, losing money. They have reached convince us that the capsules are cheap if we compare them to drinking coffee in a bar, but neither the capsules, nor the Italian coffee machines clean the cup and spoon and much less do they come with a sugar packet nor do they allow us to go to the bathroom when we are on the street.

What Nestle did have a problem with was a problem at 1997 when the overproduction of coffee sank prices, cut margins and opened the doors to competitors either by price or by solidarity. Why would they invent anything if they could take it out of the cupboard, their business was not the machines but the coffee. open standardup to that point, perfect. Another thing is that if the price of coffee goes from 12 to 70 €/kg, it is not a joke, George Clooney by means of.

I wrote this entry a little over two years ago here


4 responses to "Nespresso, or how to increase the price of coffee sixfold”

  1. I had no idea about any of this 😛 XD

    1. Tell Alex, Franlie and Lou that there is no problem. This blogging thing is a catharsis, I'll just helmet it and be cool. I will no longer chase them every time they put on a coffee at our world headquarters for the world.

  2. In Spain, they allow Marcilla to market compatible plastic capsules. In France they enforced the patent, but not here.
    The difference is that they are plastic and take longer than the original ones. But they are just as bad
    A hug

    1. But there is little price difference. I don't think it's that expensive to manufacture the capsules, but rather that there is an unspoken agreement.

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