Released my canvas template for generating business models

I have been working and modifying this template for over a year now. I have made about forty different business models on it in a year, which has taught me a lot; and I aspire to continue learning from you, so I ask for your comments in return.

This template that you can copy and modify in Google Docs is intended for startup creation, not growth or consolidation. My only recommendation is that you start with the customer, assign a post-it color to each type of customer and then spread it across the other eight boxes.

As I said in a entry Business model generation is a must-read for entrepreneurship, and I understand undertake in a very broad sense.

Doing a canvas when you have an idea will make you see the whole business you are thinking about. I use 45 minute sessions to do a canvas; I go through it in another 15 minutes going color by color and always starting with the customer. Then I let it sit for a week and usually iterate again.


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  1. jofegaber Avatar

    Hi Javier, with respect to other canvas models that I have seen, I see that you have modified some sections... Could you explain the difference?

    For example: You have changed "Customer relations" to "Non-copiable advantage".


    1. That change and the three boxes on the top left are because you are looking at Osterwalder's canvas and I have started from the basis of Ash Maurya's Lean Canvas. The main difference for me is that the first one works well in companies that are already underway while for new ideas and projects the Lean Canvas works better.

  2. Ivan Guzman Avatar
    Ivan Guzman

    Sorry, where is the template? I see a png.

    1. Ivan,
      You are probably opening it from a mobile or tablet, and their browsers do not edit Google docs. Try opening it from a PC

  3. Sorry, Ivan, I just saw that you were right, it was a png. I have already corrected it, however the link is

  4. Ivan Guzman Avatar
    Ivan Guzman

    Thank you.

  5. Gerald Avatar

    I hope you can share the link to edit it. Unfortunately, I can only see a png.


    1. Gerald, at this link
      you can see it and save a copy (it is also by clicking on the image)

  6. Excellent work! Thank you very much Javier.

  7. Dear, the book you mention "Business Model Generation" is the same translated into Spanish whose authors are Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur? Regards

    1. Indeed Mario, that's the one. If you can read it in English, all the better. Tradition is bad

  8. Felipe Rodríguez Avatar
    Felipe Rodriguez

    Good morning Javier, trying to enter the link only lets me view it and not edit it. Greetings.

    1. You must keep a copy

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