Initiative is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed.

Initiative is the key to being competitive in the 21st century because it is no longer enough to comply at work but to be committed, because it is no longer enough to do things well but to go one step further than others, because it is no longer enough to know how to do something but to learn constantly, because it is no longer enough to work but to enjoy what you do.

In this turbulent century, a country is only as good as the initiative of its citizens, and that has been clear to the Americans that they are going to give visas to entrepreneurs who want to go there. Entrepreneurship does not mean that you are going to succeed, most of the new companies end up failing, but it does mean that you have initiative, only those who have initiative undertake, so bringing entrepreneurs to your country does mean bringing people with initiative, who are the ones condemned to govern this century.

On the other hand today it costs more to repair our companies than to create them from scratch; I know it is hard to read this, it is better to destroy and create than to try to reform the productive structures of the 20th century.

I make all things new (Rev 21:5)


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  1. jofegaber Avatar

    Interesting reflection yours, although I refuse to believe that there is no possibility of rejuvenating or adapting the old structures.


  2. The truth is that where there are entrepreneurs, there is talent, and where there is talent, eco-systems end up being created that create more entrepreneurs, and in the end, wealth.

    1. Juan, talent is more difficult to measure than initiative, but from what I see you equate them and I agree.

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