Whoever can be replaced by a robot will be replaced by a robot.

This has given me a lot of food for thought news Foxconn, a Chinese company employs 1.2 million people and manufactures for Apple, Nintendo or Apple among other brands. Foxconn intends to replace one million of its workers with machines, no more and no less, and they will certainly not be the most qualified and creative workers, but the other way around.

The robot construction costs it handles are really low, it is also true that Chinese labor costs are also low but this is changing; which translates into Foxconn being speeding up the mechanization process and will grow from 10,000 to 300,000 robots this year.

No more job security, no more compliance, no more expensive firing, no more even the era of public employment. If you can be replaced by a machine, sooner or later you will be. In the sixties the Japanese bet on the automobile and it worked out well; in the nineties they started betting on robotics as the sector of the future, and as a father, I have done the same.

You can see this trend as a bad thing or as a good thing, but it doesn't matter what you think, because it is inevitable. It is logical, it means an improvement in productivity, robots are cheaper, they work better than us, they are faster, they do not rest, they do not get sick (well, a little yes), etc... Think of security guards, cab drivers, ticket takers, serial assemblers, drivers, or stockers, and you will realize that they are professionals susceptible to be replaced by robots.

Robots are not creative, they do not know how to and cannot design, they are not made to make decisions, nor are they repaired or redesigned. There you have skills that will be more and more useful every day. Designing is for me the key facet of all this.

The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

Google already has a car legally driving around the state of Nevadawatch this video in case you haven't seen it already. Don't tell me you were thinking of working as a cab driver, because after watching this it doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Steven Hawkings has joined a foundation to defend us against autonomous robots. Something that I don't see at all clear Stephen Hawking joins foundation to defend humanity against autonomous robots


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  1. According to Moore's Law, which has not only been fulfilled for more than 30 years but is improving even more, the processing capacity of "robots" will be able to replace any person within 20 years.

    And not only that, they will manufacture improved versions of themselves making the exponential growth of their capabilities even greater.

    Once the thin barrier of self-consciousness is crossed, the human being will have no chance in the "competition", he will have lost the race of evolution.

    But that's life.

    1. I have doubts about self-awareness, I don't know if they will go that far but they do repetitive tasks a thousand times better than we do, and thus give us a better quality of life.

  2. Let me recommend two publications:

    Shannon, Claude Elwood (1948). "A mathematical theory of communication". Bell System Technical Journal 27 (379-423 and 623-656).

    Shannon, Claude Elwood (1949). "Communication theory of secrecy systems". Bell System Technical Journal 28 (656-715).

    And the following article: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1654124

    I hope they help you to clear your doubts about self-awareness.

    In a world in which "natural" evolution is the property of machines, what is the point of human procreation? Does it make sense to extend the existence of a race in decline?

  3. Does job creation policies make sense, wouldn't it be better to start working on the concept of 'job liberation'?

    1. Could you describe it to me?

  4. This is how an Amazon logistics center works https://t.co/24EDSZmqdA the dwarfs loved this video.

  5. 10 million low-skilled jobs in the UK to be replaced by robots http://mashable.com/2014/11/10/robots-taking-uk-jobs/

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