Hacking education II: transparency by default

 Transparency and collaboration are the driving forces of this exciting century, and I say they are the driving forces because they both go in the opposite direction to the two driving forces that moved the last 20th century, such as the protection of information and individualism, typical of the capitalist ecstasy that has already passed.

In the past, in order to win - let's think of making money - it was convenient to protect knowledge as much as possible and compete as individuals or isolated companies. Now, in order to win - let's think again about making money - it is convenient to share the knowledge we generate and to collaborate even with our competitors - coopetence -, because we live in times of networks. Curiously, knowledge has more value than ever, but it is given for free, it serves to position our digital identity.

The change we have had the good fortune to experience is one of those that do not happen even once a century, it is so big that we need to go to our deep archive, as I would say Laurent OgelThere is so much to learn!

If in the previous post I postulated that creativity must come by default to the new educational system, in this post I add that transparency must also be installed by default in our education. We cannot be questioning all the time whether transparency or not. Transparency has to come from home. Obviously, total transparency is neither good nor even possible. What would be the last wall you would tear down in your house, the bathroom wall, wouldn't you?

If the teacher doesn't know something, all he has to do is say so. It is no longer a question of an adult who has all the knowledge and students who do not. It is necessary to accept that at least one student in each class in each subject knows more than the teacher himself. It is the teacher's responsibility to use this knowledge for the benefit of the whole class.

With transparent teachers, their role changes to become a mentor, something that already happened in ancient Greece: Socrates was Plato's mentor and Paton was Aristotle's mentor. The mentor is a guide whose main objective is to ignite the student's desire to learn new things. To find the information there is already Wikipedia.

I know nothing and I am sterile, but I can serve you as a midwife, and therefore I make incantations so that you give birth to your idea.



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