Hacking education III: collaboration by default

It so happens that not even the biggest company there has ever been, such as Apple, can launch anything alone. It so happens that Apple collaborates with hardware designers, manufacturers and assemblers; it so happens that Apple gets to the point of having an app supermarket where a fifteen year old can upload a programming and sell it. And mind you, Apple is not exactly the paradigm of collaboration but a giant of proprietary software and hardware.

If massive companies cannot compete on their own because market expectations are enormous, what can we say about small companies and, even more so, about individuals themselves? Yes, I am talking about companies and individuals because this is the century of initiative, something we were not taught in previous generations and there are not many teachers willing to teach it now. The correspondence between entrepreneurship and initiative is not biunivocal, that is to say, not all those who have initiative start a company, but those who do start a company have initiative; in this case, entrepreneurial initiative.

Collaboration does not come for free, you start by giving and then you receive. The sector that perhaps has more experience in collaborating is the free software sector. It is curious, in the free software communities the leaders end up emerging sooner or later, the leaders are not postulated but elevated by the other members of the community; and normally the community appoints the leader who contributes the most value. In other words, in order to collaborate you have to contribute first and then we will see what happens next. It is not free, not even doing it well ensures a prize, but you must be content to do good things and do the things you really want to do.

We still do not teach teamwork beyond repeating how important it is; but real education is done by example, and we do not set an example of teamwork or collaboration in our daily lives.

The title of this chain of posts is, in itself, a sample of what collective intelligence is. Let me explain, the first installment, I had titled it: Hacking education I: creativity by decreeperhaps in remembrance of a Defcondos song called Mutant action (... compulsory mutilation, amputation by decree). But Lucas Cervera commented to me on Facebook that creativity should not be imposed.

Facebook Discussion

The fact is that, in parallel, Germán Muñoza 17-year-old boy tweets that first entry with a serendipity - a happy find - that I, very grateful, take for my blog, and the thing stays at creativity by default.


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