Hacking education IV: spreading the initiative

Imagine you enter a classroom for the first time and you find this on the blackboard

Any blackboard in any classroom

My answer is simple, when I have finished changing the world I will be dead. Our life has no meaning if not to change the world and try to make it a better place. But let's do the exercise with children, who will surely give a better answer. If any teacher reads me and does the experiment, please tell me about it here. When I have the opportunity I will do it and I promise to tell you about it.

If you have read this far, you will agree with me that initiative is a fundamental value of education for the 21st century. Initiative is the spark that gives rise to the constant desire to learn new things; it is the catalyst for transformation. There is only one problem and that is that it is not learned from any book but by example, and for this the teacher - from here on I will speak of teachers and not professors - must have initiative.

Initiative is neither created nor destroyed. Initiative is contagious.

The other ingredient of initiative besides contagion is tolerance. Tolerance is the environment in which once the initiative virus is inoculated, it grows and continues to spread.

Let us seek questions instead of answers, let us seek to listen instead of talk, let us seek to share instead of hoard, let us be sympathetic to error even when it is repeated, let us think long term, let us be willing to not be understood by others, and above all let us not take children for fools, they are children, not fools.


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