One year without smoking

Today I am one year without smoking. A long time before, in the summer of 2011, I decided to turn my life around because I was not comfortable with myself, even more, I was not happy. For several months, I was mentally preparing myself so that when I quit, I had already done all the work. I had already been three years without smoking and I knew that it was not worth half measures and that it was not going to be easy. Either you smoke or you don't. I have to say that Alan Carr's book was very helpful.
When you quit smoking you gain smells, money, self-esteem, tastes,... I don't want to convince anyone to quit smoking either. Smokers already know what's going on, as do ex-smokers. I didn't use patches, chewing gum, or any substitute, I even went out with smokers to the street to face the situation.
I have not given up anything and now I enjoy more everything I do and I have an extra hour a day because I am less lethargic and because I do not spend time smoking.
I quit smoking because I asked myself why I smoked, the answer was obvious: I smoked, just like everyone else, because I was hooked on nicotine.
Today my skin has improved a lot, my lungs now hold 8 liters of air, a magnificent capacity that allows me to dive a length of swimming pool at the same time. But the best thing is that I don't have to be ashamed of my children catching me with a cigarette in my mouth.

Quitting smoking was just the beginning to reverse the vicious circle into a virtuous circle, a month after quitting smoking I decided not to drink alcohol anymore, and shortly after that I decided to be happy at work and,... But I will tell you about those things on their respective anniversaries.


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  1. jofegaber Avatar

    Congratulations .... And now that you mention it... Maybe it's time to follow your example....


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