SocialSense: how to take a bite out of Google's business?

In the early days of last summer I was a bit idle, something that my hot mind does not allow easily. At that time I designed a business model similar to the Google advertising model but for social networks. I'm sure there are many people who have thought the same as me because we are all connected.

Let's take Twitter as an example of a social network. There are already applications that allow you to follow and unfollow people, suggest you what to tweet, etc... Everything in order to get followers. On the other hand there are networks of advertisers willing to pay money so that we tweet what they want us to tweet; there have been dream cases with famous people.

Let's suppose that I recommend things to tweet according to your interests, those of your followers and, above all, content that has already been successful for other people. You will agree with me that if you listen to me and tweet my recommendations from time to time, you will most likely get retweets, followers, improve your Klout index, etc... The thing is that these content recommendations are relatively easy to make, and there are even some applications on the Twitter API that already do them.

Let's suppose now that you already tweet from time to time things that I suggest to you, just as you go to links that Google shows you as a result of your searches. We all know that the organic results in Google for some types of searches are anecdotal, and you can find them hidden under seven keys, that is, on the second page of search results. You can try searching for: "slimming" or "download music" and you will realize that practically all of those that appear on the first page of results are there because they have paid.

Suppose we do the same but with subtlety, that is, we choose some tweets with little commercial aspect and we put them in the recommended tweets that you already tweet from time to time. If you publish them, the advertiser pays us, plus the advertising impact is much greater because you do not charge for publishing it, ... A bargain, which has a couple of holes, firstly that Twitter is increasingly restricting the API that made it grow, and secondly that those who could do it have not done it, perhaps because it is technically more complicated than what I have painted here.


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    What a crack the guy, and on top of that, one learns what he says ....

    1. thank you young man

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