How to act in social networks: Person or company?

Most of the important decisions in our lives are made without criteria, without sufficient data or even worse, without being aware that we are making them. Think about when you choose what to study, when you decide to get married, get a mortgage, let alone when you decide to have children.

Yesterday, at the eCommBeers I put my friend Javier Martín in a predicament which, moreover, was not at all relevant. Mea culpa. We were talking about social media for e-commerce and I couldn't think of anything else but to ask him this question.

If you were starting from scratch right now, would you tweet as @loogic or Javier Martín?

Javier has more than enough experience to get out of a tight spot like this and concluded that today he might have given more weight to his personal brand, and that it depends on the purpose for you of social networks. And sometimes he is surprised to have endured Loogic as a personal brand all this time.

Deciding between personal brand or company brand to present ourselves on social networks is a complex question that should not be asked to a friend. However, as I have made a mistake doing one or the other, I have enough criteria to give you a solution to the enigma.

For me it is a question of time frames, if you are looking for the short term, the company brand is better, if you are looking for the long term, the personal brand is better.

Fourteen years ago I created my first company, Desarrollo Rural y Estudios Medioambientales Tecnología - drematec, an ugly name that I still carry, although it wasn't so ugly in 1999; then a couple of other companies whose names I don't want to remember. In madri+d I ran the technology-based entrepreneurs blog, then I relaunched Redepyme, created Emprendeoi and Open Green, and now I am part of BrainSINS. In each and every one of them I have had several times more traffic than when I use my personal brand. For me it is clear, you enter before in a blog of a company brand than in a personal brand. Moreover, I would say that you enter about five times more easily in company brands than in personal brands.

The problem with corporate brands is that very few last a lifetime, and there are fewer and fewer of them. At the age of thirty-six, I have already launched four corporate brands and have collaborated in four others. Your personal brand, on the other hand, accompanies you all your life, unless you want to be very transgressive or biased in your choice of brand. While your corporate brand adds up the boxes five by five, your personal brand adds up the boxes one by one, but the first one is reset from time to time, while the second should not reset as long as you are alive.


3 responses to "How to act in social networks: Person or company?”

  1. Hi Javier, you know it didn't sit badly with me 🙂

    In my case Loogic has come out in a totally natural way, but if I think about it I think it is more of a personal brand than a company brand and I would do it again in the same way. Especially because becoming the best known Javier Martín is difficult, there are other Javier Martíns better known than me.

    However, as I told you in the talk, you have it easier, your last name is much more original than mine.

    1. However, if you search for Javier Martín in Google, you come up at the top, and there is an actor with your name.
      I am convinced that the moment you give weight to your personal brand you will have more than two thirds of the first page of results.

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