One year working in what I love

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I had decided to change jobs long before. Besides the fact that a person whose name I do not want to remember had been harassing me at work for a year and a half, specifically since an undisputed professional success I had. Unfortunately, in Spain corruption is the rule and not the exception. I did not understand this until much later; during that dark time I did not understand why I was being penalized for a success, in short.
the truth shall set you free
John 8
Nor did I understand until much later that the freedom and independence I have always been fortunate enough to enjoy was a threat to anyone. Then I saw that when you are free you become a threat to a corrupt system. Or rather the other way around, a corrupt person cannot denounce corruption, thus perpetuating it in power and the corrupt feel safe by his side, while those same corrupt people, who I insist are the norm and not the exception in the system, feel threatened by an honest person, because he is free to denounce them.
Workplace bullies, just like abusers, have a gesture where you can recognize them, they are ballsy with their superiors. Just like bullies in school, they are strong with the weak but they are also usually weak with the strong.
I don't like running away, I have never left a place running away I allowed myself to change when it was no longer an escape.
After a year of comings and goings in which I have done very fun things, profitable and unprofitable things, now it's time for BrainSINS, a company I have known for four years, when it was Wipley, a social network of gamers, a place where I enjoy, add value and do what I want.
I work in what I like, every Sunday I am looking forward to Monday to enjoy at work. This time of change that we have had to live is very demanding with our illusion, it is no longer enough to go through the work like someone going through a tunnel, now we have to get involved, that for me is easy, I am binary, if I like a project I give everything and enjoy it, if I do not like what I do I do not give up and I also suffer.
This year I have supported half a dozen startups, some of them with extremely young entrepreneurs, which, as you know, I love because I see entrepreneurship as a wonderful learning exercise. I think my first company was when I was seven years old but, seriously, I set up one when I was twenty-two that changed my way of thinking.
I have done some white label consulting work, not as enjoyable but extremely profitable. I am also teaching at some business schools about things that I do find fun and interesting.
I have designed a basic structure for what I think StartupSpain should be, but I have not found a source of funding that would allow freedom to the initiative, I would say more, that would keep StartupSpain away from the politician of the day. When I think of IBEX35 companies, their leaders are just another politician to me, with a few honorable exceptions.
And the best are the challenges that are yet to come.


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  1. At the time when I read this post I was going to encourage you to make a comment, but between the difficulty of saying a sentence on my cell phone and the nudity it meant, I passed on the subject.
    Less than a month ago I left a large company (mistaken as a multinational but which is more Spanish than Paco Martínez Soria) because I had no more lawful and moral weapons left to fight with those labor harassers you mention. Abusive people who denigrated people to the most bizarre situations.
    My way of fighting against them was to give hope to those same people that they were trying to make weaker and "steal their snacks". Once I managed to strengthen the pride of all these people, giving meaning to their work and meaningful work, I decided that I had finished my stage.
    At some point they tried to intimidate me, but it always backfired. And in the end I used it to my advantage to find a way out that would give me some economic security in this new stage with the circumstances that Spain is going through.
    I am satisfied and proud of what I have done and now I am looking for that opportunity to have fun with something that excites me and I am sure I will get it.

    1. I'm sure you do, Txema

  2. Man, the truth is that in our sector it is a norm to meet with those integral imbeciles that do nothing but put stones on the road. The funny thing is when, because of your seriousness, reliability and because you are able to transmit more confidence, you overcome them and you meet them on the way up while they go down. That's when instead of pushing them more (some do) you get a smile of satisfaction on your face. However, the truth is that I don't even waste my time thinking about this kind of people who are just pitiful. In my city there are several of them and I will tell you some anecdotes when you come back here to have some gin and tonics, we will have a good laugh for sure hehe Hugs!

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