Review of Born to Run. I run because I was born to run, and so were you.

There are few books that I reread. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall is one of those few.
It is a novel that has touched me deeply but it is still just that, an entertaining travel novel that engages easily, in this case, tells the adventures of Chris McDougall, an editor of Runners World magazine since he is diagnosed useless for running until he ends up running ultra-distance races with twenty kilos less.
The story focuses on the organization of a ninety-kilometer race through the wild orography of the Mexican Sierra Madre, in which some of the best ultra-distance runners in the world will compete against a tribe of long-distance runners who run in sandals made of old tires and long cloth skirts or simply loincloths.
Its author drips us with scientific arguments and concludes that we are designed to run in the background, and he does it in the middle of a story. A story that you don't think is true until you Google the names of the main characters and you see, as so often, that fiction far surpasses reality. Without going any further, the main character who is White Horse died a few months ago while running accompanied by his dog, probably due to one of the sudden fainting referred to in this book.
Born to run makes you understand why we run long distance races and it is simply because human beings are created for it.
I only reproach the Mexicanized Spanish translation and that they have not taken the trouble to convert the units from the Imperial System to the International, so be prepared to read miles, ounces, yards and pounds. I admit that I regret having bought it in Spanish.
Anyone who has tried long-distance running - I have run the Madrid marathon seven times - knows that running makes us happy, it generates endorphins in large quantities. It is true that there are drugs that easily get us a few endorphins, but the ones that running gives us are of much better quality. You will also see that at the finish line of a long-distance race there is nothing but smiles, people are happy even if they arrive burst.
Born to run has a philosophy behind it as well, even if it is not the author's intention. It is a hymn to lightness that makes us see how stupid are many of the ideals that govern our society.
Born to Run is, for me, a must-read book.


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  1. For us it is also an essential book and has become our example to follow when it comes to physical exercise, it has changed our way of running, our way of practicing this sport and to feel that there are no limits but those that one imposes oneself.
    We totally share the philosophy of the book, it is true that running makes us happier and helps us to see life with a different and more positive perspective than what today's society has us used to.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Running makes us happy

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