Hacking education IX: educating by example

They say that donkeys are led with a stick and a carrot but it is a lie because nobody does it that way; if you see someone riding a donkey or a horse what he is carrying in his hand is usually a whip, in addition to the bridle that has been put in the animal's mouth on many occasions.
With us, I say with us because we have all been children, the same thing happens because an industrial order is maintained in the classroom based on threats, punishments and reprimands. The carrot, that is to say, rewarding the good ones, we have barely been able to enjoy it with some enlightened teacher, those of us who are of a certain age.

We have been educating with sticks for too many years. The carrot is much more recent.

But what happens when you look back and try to see moments when you have learned, you find two types of experiences: when you have managed to do something by yourself (learning by doing) and when you have copied the behavior of an exemplary person.

Education is 90% of example, 9% positive reinforcement and 1% negative reinforcement, so let's set an example, reward the best and punish little.

Learning today is so demanding and at the same time so important that we can only do it through play, because our game dynamics are what differentiate us from the way animals learn. Gamification - game dynamics - is key to 21st century education because if our grandparents could live knowing 100 skills, our parents already needed to learn 200, we have about 400 skills to be socially and occupationally competitive; and I am sure our children will need to learn 1,000 skills throughout their lives.

If we need to put our brain at full capacity, the game is the best method that exists,

that is why I will dedicate the next and last post of this series to gamification.
Of course, gamification is of little use if it is encouraged by a teacher who is not very exemplary and if when the child gets home he/she finds a father glued to the TV and an unhinged mother, because we all need and have all needed models to copy, because in the end it is the example that gives continuity and security to our education. Gamification acts on that 9% that corresponds to positive reinforcement, but the example is ten times more, whether we want to be aware of it or not.


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