The letter with game enters. Hacking education X

It's funny that we eat industrial food, do industrial jobs and suffer from industrial education, but we love artisan products!

There is so much we have to learn today in order to contribute to society that it is only possible through play. Playing makes us human, we feel different and we give the best of ourselves when we play.
A few days ago I abandoned an educational project because of the industrialization it was suffering. I gave a few classes and got the highest rating among the teaching staff but it was enough to see that behind some different students there was a system based on the economy of scale; as I have never been moved by money I had to leave it because it was contrary to my convictions. The student is not a raw material that passes through a productive system; the student is a person like you and me.

Human beings are not industrial, they are different, they are creative and intelligent, they like to be loved and possess an enormous emotional intelligence.

The Industrial Revolution was an anomaly,

globalization is not industrialization, we have become confused and think that only economy of scale is truly productive. But curiously enough, it was in the automotive sector, one of the most industrial sectors in existence, where Lean manufacturing appeared at the hands of Toyota, which would later give way to the Lean startup movement; here there is no longer talk of industrializing like a beast, but of designing, testing and learning in a cyclical manner. In other words, in the very heart of industry, they realize that it is necessary to return to the prototype, to the trial and error that has driven our learning over the centuries.

As with every new Toyota that comes on the market, incorporating a new game dynamic in education requires a design that no one is willing to pay for. We reject educational industrialization, but we don't want to assume the cost of design either; we are very industrial with our pockets.
Do you think Toyota is where it is because it wastes money? No, it got there because it takes far more money out of the design, test, learn and redesign cycles than it invests, and we're not willing to do that with our education system? Seeing what those in charge are doing, clearly not. Corruption and short-termism rule our education as well.

The human being has a predisposition to play, we love prizes of any kind;

and rewards help us turn experiences into learning, encourage participation and motivation, make learning more formal and also make it more social.

Making education a game is no game at all, it is not a matter of putting computers in classrooms but of time, talent and money.


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  1. Congratulations on your blog Javier! I am struck by certain concerns that we share.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards.

    1. Thank you very much Txema

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