Why are startups the pretty girls of the 21st century?

Globalization has brought us two pieces of news, one is good and the other is bad. The good news is that the market is now huge, worldwide, global; the bad news is that competition has also grown. Today it is impossible to compete alone; collaboration and transparency are the hallmarks of this turbulent beginning of the century.

Startups adapt better to the current uncertainty, precisely because it is very common for them to change their product - pivot -, which is why the key is the entrepreneurial team and not the project: venture capital bets on the rider, not the horse. Startups are fast and light; they prototype and test quickly in a market from which they are constantly learning.

Lightness, along with transparency and collaboration, is another of the paradigms of our times and goes beyond the way of creating companies. Being light implies not believing the established business models; there is a lot to be done in new business models, perhaps more than in technological innovation because each new initiative generates value in society but few companies are able to capture a part of that value as Google did with its Adwords.


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