One year living BrainSINS

One year ago today I turned to BrainSINS. I had been involved to a greater or lesser extent for three years but just a year ago I joined in full.
It has been a wonderful year at work, I have lived on a roller coaster where one week we were shit and the next week we were gods.
I think this year we have turned it around by betting on flagship brands, difficult projects and focusing on the customer. I have to say that we are above expectations, but that only means that the roller coaster ride is even more violent than before, because people expect a lot from us.
I have been able to work with an absolutely brilliant team, I owe a lot to Noelia, Andrés, Josué, Borja, Estela, David or Miguel Ángel; my special gratitude to the talented: Álex, Lu and also Corti. But I especially want to dedicate this post to Frankie, who I have known for five years but never ceases to amaze me; he is a Superman of startups, the traveling companion that every entrepreneur dreams of working with.
I can only say that this year will be more and it will be better. Let's go for it.


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