The intrapreneur is an annoying person because he or she questions everything.

This has always been done in this wayis a phrase that any decent intrapreneur will hear in his or her first month on the job. Yeah, but there are more efficient ways to do it is the natural response to that phrase, a response that is likely to cost the intrapreneur in question an enemy.
we dont need no more troubleThe this has always been done in this way could fit in a few years ago, but today it is the cause of hundreds of medium and large companies closing their doors. Habit is a burden in times of change; and change does not care what the immobilist thinks because change is.
We live in times of fast and light companies that test in the market, it is the same for a startup created by half a dozen geeks as for a new line of business of a listed company.
If many of these inefficient and large companies are still alive today, it is only because inertia takes time to change, because they had cash when this began to change and because, in the case of the public sector, we have a high tolerance for corruption. But their days are numbered because 2007 will never come back, this is the way it is and it will stay that way,... changing.
The intrapreneur attacks this status quo and annoys people whose only concern is to keep their salary, not their job because that has already changed, and to keep it at all costs because it's so cold outside!


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