Intrapreneurs have an expiration date because they are there to make a change.

There is a cockroach in every company, well, actually there is one person stronger and more resilient than the cockroaches because a nuclear apocalypse would sweep everyone but the cockroaches and that sneaky indestructible human with cockroach superpowers out of our world; but the cockroach in every company would not only survive but a month after the nuclear apocalypse would rule the cockroaches, that's the spirit!

burned carThe fact is that these survivors only lead the company to extinction, while intrapreneurs have an expiration date because they are there to change things and that ends unless one change is linked to another; however, the intrapreneur wears out and generates wear and tear.

The usual for an intrapreneur is that their jobs do not last more than three years in the same place, there may be exceptions because if the company is large, perhaps they can change jobs or location within the same. As happens with repeat entrepreneurs who, before finishing a project, are already thinking about the next one, the intra-entrepreneur usually becomes anxious about a new project when he sees that what he was recruited for starts to lose its meaning.

Launching an intrapreneurship requires a series of preliminary calculations because we are agents of change but not suicidal; it is advisable to assess the history of changes in the company, the average seniority of those who will be your colleagues, anticipate how the structure will be in the future and above all be very aware of the commitment of the management to change; without the latter there is nothing to do.


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