What is an intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is a worker who does new things within a company, i.e. a person who undertakes without owning the company.

An intrapreneur is an entrepreneur from within an organization.

This busy 21st century is very different from the previous one, which is why we are living in a time of change that does not seem to be going to stop, but seems to be getting more and more. I have already commented on other occasions that this century is driven by two engines, transparency and collaboration; but these two engines are also going in the opposite direction to the opacity and individualism that marked the technified twentieth century.

To adapt to this new world to which this new century and this new millennium are giving rise,

companies have two options: to disappear and re-found themselves or to bring in change agents - intrapreneurs

within its structure, i.e. find The company is looking for people who are restless, versatile and capable of completely adapting their company to new customer needs.

Transparency and collaboration serve to build networks, while opacity and individualism serve to create hierarchies in companies. New companies are fast, light and work in networks; companies that are disappearing today are slow, heavy and work hierarchically.

This new century, this new time, is marked by networks and by the phenomena emerging that go from the bottom up. The hierarchies in the companies do not give an answer to what the client asks for neither in time nor in form, to respond to what the client is looking for today, the companies need employees who think for themselves, as is the case of the intrapreneurs.

But the intrapreneur has to go a step further since he has to be an example for his colleagues,

must not only think for himself but must also get his peers to think for themselves, he must be the catalyst to build networks.


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