Choosing between intrapreneurs or re-founding the company

The old mastodons have been left behind; large companies with hierarchical structures do not have the capacity to react to the changes we are experiencing.
re-founding the company or hiring intrapreneursIt is do or die. Bringing change agents - intrapreneurs - into a company is the least aggressive solution, but we do not know if it is the best. Of course, in order to do so, the entrepreneur or manager must be aware of the situation; I know managers of the paper press who are still waiting for the recovery of sales at the newsstands, people who do not believe that this is a cyclical crisis and that we will return to the path of growth, without going any further; most of our political class thinks so, and they are doing very well thinking so.
Choosing between closing a company and then creating it from scratch or adapting it to our times is like deciding between renovation or a new house. We must see what it will look like if we renovate it, how much it will cost us to do it and if we are willing to live in the rubble for a couple of years at least.
As it happens when renovating a house, hiring intrapreneurs or creating them inside is a strategic decision, you cannot rely on change agents one week yes, one week no. Change agents must have the support of management. Change agents must have the support of the management, change is a strategic decision of the management, be it with these agents or with others, placing an intrapreneur at the feet of the horses is an easy task that will also make the stale part of the company happy, it will make them happy and they will feel strong.
Forgive my pessimism, but I believe that in most cases it is better to re-found a company than to transform it, and the greater the inertia, the more difficult it will be. I will make another even more pessimistic note, most of the transformations will not only be made by closing but will be involuntary, that is to say, it will be the market and not the managers who will set the trend.


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