Every company wants an intrapreneur until they have one.

We have many more things to change in our companies than we might think, but this is only apparent when the change is initiated.
lego water bottleThe change must be irreversible, just as the change our society is undergoing is irreversible: let's put 2007 out of our minds because it will never come back, we are not experiencing a cyclical crisis but a paradigm shift. If we want to be a company at the height of the market, we must burn our bridges and not look back. Trying to recover 2007 only leads to melancholy.

When we bring an intrapreneur into our company, it is to change it irreversibly, to do new things that are impossible for your current employees.

Unpleasant things like firing or relocating people with whom we have lived together. That's why it's better that it comes from outside and from new, that's why from inside we are not able to do it. But unpleasant is unpleasant.

In many cases, jobs have ceased to be a means for the company to perform a function and have become an end in themselves. Our companies are full of survivors who only think about maintaining their position inside, not about the function that the company needs from them. Attachment to the job makes us strive in the first instance but then perverts performance. The intrapreneur must have a fair attachment to his job and also to that of others, he must think about functions and objectives.

If we doubt the change or if we doubt the intrapreneur we will end up leaving a straw man at the horses' feet.

If we really want to change a company we must be willing to do unpleasant things or to support someone else to do them for us; nothing is worse than starting a journey only to turn around in the middle of it, there we will have ensured failure.


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