What happens when the intrapreneur is the CEO?

When a company is created, the CEO is necessarily an entrepreneur.

intrapreneur focusRather, when a company is created, a CEO is chosen from among the entrepreneurs that form it; but I am not referring to this situation but to companies in a consolidation or growth phase, or simply to companies in decline. When a person is put in charge of a company with the aim of changing it from top to bottom, two contradictory messages are sent, the first that the company is going badly and the second that it can be saved. And it is these two messages that must always be present to avoid both panic and complacency, that is to say, these two ideas must focus the intra-entrepreneur.

People who are passionate about improving what surrounds us find it difficult to focus, and this tendency to disperse is even greater when things are not going well around us, as may be the case of a company that needs to put a CEO in place to transform it. But a CEO cannot come up with something different every day. An intrapreneur is someone who comes up with new solutions to old problems, i.e. a creative.

In the creative process of the intrapreneur, the most critical point is to understand the problem he/she is facing.

This requires three ingredients: collaboration of the other workers, time for them to explain it to you and time to rest. In other words, it should be approached as a process in itself, it is advisable to avoid the rush of the first days and leave them alone to find a focus, a strong idea to guide the process of change in the company.

Once a solution has been reached we have to be faithful to it, we can design, iterate and learn in cycles like those of lean methodology but we cannot move away from the focus because we will disorient everyone.


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